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Electronic producer and multi-instrumentalist producer Bit Cloudy was born and raised in East London. He is also the lead guitarist for art-pop combo Firestations (signed to Lost Map Records). See our exclusive interview with him below: What's your "secret sauce?" What makes

DJ and producer Johnny Castro has his own solo project, Yeah Boy. Johnny has already seen wild success with Parachute Youth, having reached platinum & gold record sales, a #1 position on the iTunes charts, hit #1 in 9 countries

Kasket Club, a Norweigan duo who are spearheads of the Chillwave genre, are making their return after a four-year hiatus. Returning in style, the duo are currently collaborating with Soul Gem and the three have just released their latest double-A

When last did you hear a unique balance between ambient soundscapes and rhythmic avant-garde house? Did you expect it to be met with glossy basslines and jagged electronic elements? JKP manages to hit all of these notes with his double A-side

Russian duo Deek That creates electronic house music which has a vast variety of different beats and sound.  In March 2019 Deek That announced the release of a new track which was included in the Berlin-based Bar 25 record label’s compilation,

DJ and Music producer duo Sparrow & Barbossa had formed by the Swiss Bryan Coletta and the Uruguayan Emiliano Haberli. They are most known for their track Yeke that charted number 1 on Beatport afro house together with Enzo Siffredi’s

Dizharmonia is made up of Sotiris and Sokratis, two Greeks from Athens sharing the same love for the Deep Melodic Techno sound. Their inspiration and influence are gathered by the modern sounds of techno and the old school sounds of

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